About us


Consolidated Farms dba Crystal Valley Foods is a Florida corporation founded in 1994 for the purpose of importing and distributing specialty vegetable products, initially sourced primarily from Peru and Guatemala.

The company was founded by Jay Rodriguez and has enjoyed significant growth over the company’s 19 year history, with expansion of the core product … fresh asparagus … strong growth of the French bean, snow pea, and baby vegetable categories, and the addition of select new specialty products.

There has been a strong commitment to solidifying the production base via investment in farmland in Peru, investment in facilities in Guatemala, and expansion to production areas such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic via long-term strategic alliances.

Crystal Valley Foods is currently the 4th largest US importer of Peruvian asparagus and the 2nd largest importer of French beans, snow peas & sugar snaps from Guatemala. New specialty vegetable focus includes greenhouse specialty products such as baby heirloom mixed tomatoes and colored bell peppers.

Peruvian asparagus (green & white) is imported 52 weeks a year, and is supplemented by Mexican asparagus during the peak production windows in Sinaloa, Baja California, and Irapuato.

Crystal Valley’s market niche has historically been the regional specialty foodservice distributor, in addition to select retail programs – including private label packing of both foodservice and retail presentations.



In October, 2012, Crystal Valley Foods opened a West Coast distribution facility, Crystal Valley West, Inc., located at 1601 E. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90021. This facility is located on the Los Angeles Wholesale Terminal Market property, and occupies units 511,512,513. The expansion to the West Coast was driven by immediate customer requirements as well as long-term strategic positioning of Crystal Valley. The West Coast facility enables Crystal Valley  …

  • to load out of  LA in order to service existing West Coast customers.
  • to service the growing West Coast foodservice and retail demand for specialty products.
  • to establish key Mexican grower contacts as well as California specialty sources.

Crystal Valley historically has marketed 1.5 million boxes of fresh asparagus annually, which has been at least 95% Peruvian production. With the addition of the Crystal Valley West and new Mexican programs,

total asparagus volume will approach 2.0 million boxes (11 pound) annually, with an estimated 20% Mexican production.



Crystal Valley Foods imports products by ocean and air into Miami and Los Angeles .. direct to Crystal Valley distribution facilities. Crystal Valley also imports certain products into McAllen, Texas, via a certified 3rd party facility, for distribution. This enables Crystal Valley to provide a range of “source to market” programs for customers with national requirements.

Crystal Valley’s in-house logistics department can work with customers to establish regional drop points or consolidation facilities to meet customer needs for centralized control of replenishment activities.



Crystal Valley relocated from the original location, a building with 4 loading and receiving doors, to a facility that includes 18 loading and receiving doors, and a new pre-cooler that has the capacity of cooling 7,000 boxes of fresh asparagus in 2.5 hours. A major investment was made in the facility in upgrading refrigeration capabilities and adding new coolers and repack facilities. The facility is located 5 minutes from Miami International Airport.



Crystal Valley is working closely with key “grower / partners”, in the US, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and the  Dominican Republic, to form stronger alliances & partnerships focused on long term sustainability. The focus of these relationships is a balanced combination of PTI (product traceability initiative), food safety certifications (GMP / GAP programs), and farming / marketing partnerships.



Crystal Valley Foods imports vegetable products from the following areas:

a). Peru. Asparagus (green & white) is imported from Peru into Miami virtually 52 weeks a year by air. Snow Peas and Sugar Snap peas are also imported from Peru into Miami during the June – October period.

b). Guatemala. Crystal Valley imports French beans, snow peas, sugar snaps, baby carrots, baby squash, English peas, Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, 52 weeks a year from Guatemala.

c). Mexico. Crystal Valley has Mexican grower programs primarily in the peak Spring period from Sinaloa, and the summer window from Irapuato, to complement Peruvian supplies.

d). Dominican Republic. Crystal Valley is working with a high quality greenhouse farming and packing organization in the Dominican Republic, for specialty peppers.



Crystal Valley is currently utilizing 4 primary facilities for receipt & distribution of product. The two highlighted in GREEN are company owned facilities and the two highlighted in BLUE are third party service providers.